Some projects are completely unique. That requires a unique set of skills. 


Manpower Energy Services has you covered. Tell us what you need to get the job done and we will find the right match.

Honesty, commitment and quality


When you are looking for welders, it's all about skill level. With  Manpower Energy Services you can rest assured knowing that the best welders available are on call. 

Manpower Energy Service is your first choice for targeted support for your welding operations.

The skilled trades positions are as hard as ever to find qualified and competent employees.

Manpower Energy Services has you covered. Let us fill positions from our database of contacts.

Often the hardest employee to find is the unskilled labor willing to provide a days work for a days pay.


Manpower Energy Services can provide the right fit for your company. 




We don't typically engage in hyperbole, but we will say that no matter what industrial problem you have, we've already been part of the solution.


When you've been in industry as long as our welders and skilled tradesman have. You have a knowledge base that allows you to deal with every situation. Let our years of experience be the solution to your next obstacle. Supplement your workforce , man your project,  or just fill a key position. With Manpower Energy Services on your project, you can successfully complete your contract on time and under budget.